• individual exhibition “Imaging” Galeria Tkacka na Jatkach, Wrocław


  • From the collection of Galery 33, 2012-2020 in Gallery 33 in Ostrów Wielkopolski
  • 8th International Art Symposium Samorin, Slovakia
  • Kiodygresy II Amphitheater Gallery Ostróda 2020
  • individual exhibition ”Closing” Art Centre in Oława, ”Oko” Gallery


  • ’OMORFA CHROMATA’ – individual exhibition, Gallery 33, Ostrów Wlkp.
  • 13th GreaterPoland Art Salon, Czarnków
  • ‘Ways of Freedom’- 2nd International Painting and Sculpture Symposium, Antonin
  • ‘Alternatives 2019’ – 8th International Art Review, Ostrów Wielkopolski
  • 9th Poznań Art Salon ”Robinsonada” 2020
  • Mamalegi Lab- art Contest 2019


  • ‘Sea Colours’ – marine painting exhibition, Gdynia
  • 8th Poznań Art Salon ‘Robinsonada’- 3rd Prize
  • And we are after ESK’ – collective exhibition, BWA Gallery Wrocław
  • ‘Resonans 2018’- Symposium International de Peinture&Workshop, Point-a-Vendin, Annay, France


  • ‘Quadro Art’ – group exhibition, Łódź
  • 7th Poznań Art Salon ‘Robinsonada’
  • ‘The Plein –air Dimension of Art’ – group exhibition, Synagoga Forum, Ostrów Wlkp.


  • “AMAZI PEREBI” – joint exhibition with Anna Marią Kramm, Gallery 33, Ostrów Wielkopolski
  • 3rd International Plein-air of Painting and Sculpture ‘The Plein –air Dimension of Art’ and the after-plein-air exhibition, Synagoga Forum, Ostrów Wlkp.
  • Painting identifications’- solo exhibition, The Union of Polish Artists and Designers ZPAP Gallery ‘Na piętrze’, Łódź
  • ‘Beautiful, Breathtaking, Too Much’- individual exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery BCK, Brzeg Opolski
  • ‘Alternatives 33’- collective exhibition, 5th International Art Review


  • ‘Appeal’- individual exhibition, Kafka at Opole Town Library
  • ‘AMAZI PEREBI’- joint exhibition with Anna Maria Kramm, Cepelia Gallery, Wrocław


  • “Painterly confluences” – joint exhibition with Katarzyna Kulpa current art gallery / wójcik&stępniak, Wroclaw
  • “Constellations” – individual exhibition, Formaty Club, Wroclaw
  • “Constellations” – individual exhibition, Opole Town Library


  • “Particularity” – individual exhibition, Regional Museum, Sroda Slaska
  • “Gardens” – post-competition exhibition, BWA Ksiaz Castl


  • “Colours of the Sea” – European Painiting Competition, Gdynia


  • “Placing” – individual exhibition, Formaty Club, Wroclaw
  • “The Landscape of the Lodz land”, ‘Polish flowers’ – Polish post-competition exhibition, AOIA Lodz
  • “Graduates and Guests” – post-pleinair exhibition, CK Suprasl
  • “Indian summer” – group exhibition of painting, Iwiny
  • “After a Hundred” – ZPAP jubilee exhibition, The Arsenal – The City Museum, Wroclaw
  • “Blinks of an Eye” – individual exhibition, DK Zamek, Wroclaw
  • “Art on the Street” – group exhibition, Lodz


  • ‘Secret relationships’- individual exhibition, BrowArt Gallery
  • ‘Pictures Painted with Music’- nationwide competition exhbition, Cracow, Poland


  • “Limitations’- diploma exhibition, Wrocław City Gallery


  • collective exhibition of Workshop 114, The Academy of Fine Arts, Wrocław


  • ‘Breaths’ – individual exhibition, Creative Arts Centre, Wrocław


  • Scholarship of The Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (The Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Diploma under the tutelage of prof. Aleksander Dymitrowicz)


  • ’Peeping into reality’- exhibition of the ‘Duets’ cycle, Community Centre “Zamek’’ Wrocław, Poland