“AMAZI PEREBI – the phenomenon we call colour” – a conversation between Anna Mielniczyk and Anna Maria Kramm

12 October 2020

Anna Mielniczyk and Anna Maria Kramm

The phenomenon we call colour

AK – It would seem a colour is something easy to understand, but by definition a colour is a function of light, which makes it enigmatic and intangible.

AM – Ania, but when I’m asking you about a colour, which one do you have on your mind?

AK – Pink, it is the first one to lose the coolness of white.

AM –For me pink is not safe, especially when white leaves it.

AK – I do not share this fear, I’m fascinated when the colour’s temperature opens it for indefinability, when a shimmer appears on the painting surface, the pigments’ depth is revealed and their respective ability to absorb colour…

AM – And which colour do you find totally safe, attractive?

AK – Red? However, between ‘acceptable’ and ‘attractive’ – I can see green.

AM – I find red the colour of explosion. Its internal dynamics attracts attention, blatantly draws you in. The red pulses. It’s a colour that likes to dominate, it also likes strong feelings. I want it every time when I want a surprise.

AK – It’s remarkable, because ‘my’ red ultimately loses its impetus, softens under the brush, lasts from purples to white. It keeps its saturation, lazily leaving the colour range at the same time.

AM – I really like it when a colour I create as the most important in the range escapes the obvious definition. But what is this ‘’something’’ that inspires colours?

AK – Every time I stand before the painter’s palette, I ask myself a simple question: which? I know there is a colour range ‘within me’, an already existing colour fan. The process of painting assumes searching for ‘the right’ colour. The painted colours are a part of reality that brought them to life.

AM – My colours, the ones I can see, are in my imagination. They are intangible, they breathe, filling in the space. They differ from the ones I find, they are only their approximation.

AK – It’s not easy to understand that the colour that attracts you is not the right one yet, especially if it’s pretty, pleasant, nice… all these adjectives are too much for colour. Enchanting with colour makes me feel melancholic. Whenever I find the right colour, I take back from the world one of its yet undiscovered pieces.

AM – I often allow myself to marvel at the world, and colour is the added value. I realize I draw from what I see, and I integrate it with my own, internal resources. In effect, they become more ‘my own’. I need to pursue my most personal and most real colour range. At the moment I am consumed by colour, I worship it, in a way.

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