About me

Painting has always been important in my life although it never constituted the mainstream of my professional activity. However, my professional occupation (psychologist/psychotherapist) requires openness both to myself and others, and it inspired me to realize creativity in professional dimension.

I’m a 2008 graduate from Painting and Sculpture Department of The Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, the Studios of Professor Aleksander Dymitrowicz, Zdzisław Nitka Ph.D., Assistant Prof. Łukasz Morawski, Professor L. Mickos and Assistant Prof. Anna Kramm. My artistic interests are painting and drawing.

I am a member of The Union of Polish of Artists and Designers in Wrocław.

About my painting

I feel the need to paint, to create paintings. They picture my internal substance of experiences, impressions and emotions. In the ongoing process I reach into my own resources, so in order to draw from them, I need the feeling of internal freedom.

The language of abstraction enables my full artistic expression through the use of metaphor. The metaphor has no shapes or limitations, it is filled with space, colour, and light.

Space is for me the plane of the painting and its influence through the interaction of colours which develop freely and almost infinitely.

Space originating from the interference and relationships of colour stains is at the service of colour. Colour is the main protagonist and the ruler. It is not made-up. It is discovered, found. You can perceive it, contemplate it. You can open up to experience something that can not be expressed in any other way. Its voice is sometimes domineering and all-powerful, sometimes it gets more subtle and quiet, but it never leaves the stage. Something similar happens with light. When the light drifts too far away- the picture fades, when it comes closer- the picture grows more powerful.

Just like the light would not exist without hue, colour can not emerge without light. They are connected with each other just like we are connected to everything we experience.



20 July 2021


Exhibition  June 24 – August 8, 2021 Monday – Friday | at 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Galeria Tkacka na Jatkach ul. Stare Jatki 19-22 | Wrocław   Imaging –…

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17 October 2020

”Closing” – the author’s reflection

What I find interesting in the series of presented paintings is the process of their reception. It’s also a part of the creative process which makes it complete. Reception and…

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Closing – the paintings have been presented.” Review by Prof. Anna Maria Kramm

Painting exhibition is the completion of a process that was initiated with the first brush stroke on canvas. It happened in a distant past, not remembered at the moment of…

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12 October 2020

“AMAZI PEREBI – the phenomenon we call colour” – a conversation between Anna Mielniczyk and Anna Maria Kramm

Anna Mielniczyk and Anna Maria Kramm The phenomenon we call colour AK – It would seem a colour is something easy to understand, but by definition a colour is a…

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