20 July 2021

Exhibition  June 24 – August 8, 2021
Monday – Friday | at 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Galeria Tkacka na Jatkach
ul. Stare Jatki 19-22 | Wrocław


Imaging – a word depicting both time and thing.

Time belongs to painting, things are its effect, but somehow it is happening simultaneously.

Imaging is both the activity of artistic creation and what emerges as a result of it.
What interests me is the painting process itself. What I participate in is unique and leaves a trace in the form of a painting.
The process continues.
The paintings emerge, but my hand and my eye keep looking further.
I follow the colour, which is in the twists and turns of imagination.
I want to find it, put together and capture it.
I make gestures like a conductor with a baton.
What stops me is an unsolved mistery, a melange colour gamut.
For a moment, I am here and now.
There is a painting, which is being committed to me, the audience, the surroundings, itself.

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