Closing – the paintings have been presented.” Review by Prof. Anna Maria Kramm

17 October 2020

Painting exhibition is the completion of a process that was initiated with the first brush stroke on canvas. It happened in a distant past, not remembered at the moment of opening the exhibition, which offers a unique opportunity: the completed paintings, together, reveal themselves to the one who summoned them to represent…
Painting exhibition is an intimate conversation, a skillfully conducted act, a manifestation of utmost honesty with oneself and others.
Closing – the title seems tailor-made for this presentation. The author’s sensitivity manifests itself with varying intensity, in the colours saturated with meaning. I am curious, however, what was happening between the artist and her work during the actual process of creation . That dialogue remains recorded forever, each painting has become a separate presence.
I’m reading into the surfaces, my thoughts are circling around emerging emotions, trying to name them. The images summon other images from my memory: tastes of life, paths of associations. The paintress has woven an extensive network of connections. The first flashes of colour seduce the eye, but the many-layered grey is close by, thick, misty and ambiguous.
The artist craves the viewer’s engagement , but entering these maze- like corridors of artistic meanings, these paintings ‘’presenting themselves’, demand from the viewer a serious decision, an attempt to close the act of courage. Because, essentially, we remain very much on our own, eye to eye with ourselves on these journeys through the layers of particular colour range- journeys through manifestations of singular colour stretched out across the plain-like canvas surface. The path always leads somewhere. The paintings express personal, respectful distance, stepping away from even a single metaphor to serve as a foothold, to steady oneself…but no, nothing seduces us, there are paintings, their author and us, viewers. Continuous process of closing.

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