Collection of quotes

12 October 2020

…my imagination remains as it was.
It clumsily copes with great numbers.
Still it is sensitive to the particular.
W. Szymborska ‘Great numbers’, translated by Czesław Miłosz


‘’You mustn’t say too much in a painting, because you will kill it;
something must be left for the viewer.’’

A. Nacht-Samborski


Maybe with me ’’there emerges some esthetics more hungry for idea than form?’’
Józef Szajna


‘Abstract painting is the attempt to paint a concept experienced emotionally.
After all, the most important concepts are these we cannot precise.
They make more trouble in our life. They make us face the mysteries not yet considered and with little chance for solution.
/which does not stop people of various specialties from trying to somehow define them, make them more precise/.
I think there is something good about it, as it distracts us from purely consumerist life.’
Stefan Gierowski in “Dialogi o sztuce”, Zbigniew Taranienko


‘I think art could make a gesture of summoning
The past meaning of words.
Autonomy as the right to choose a sphere of freedom,
And not as extreme discreteness.
Originality as proof of invention,
not as total novelty.
And finally, vagueness as the difficulty of a message,
not its illegibility or the loss of ability to communicate.’
Artur Żmijewski /’Drżące ciała’ (‘Shivering bodies’)


’Painting is secular metaphysics.
For believers, artists who are believers,
it will be one particular kind of metaphysics,
for non-believers- another.
But both refer to values which go beyond triviality and materiality.’
Stanisław Fijałkowski /Zbigniew Taranienko “Alchemia obrazu, Rozmowy ze Stanisławem Fijałkowskim” Warszawa 2012

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